Everything we learned from Billie Eilish’s Carpool Karaoke

Finneas told me: “I’m going to make you the biggest popstar in the world”

It was only a matter of time before teenage superstar Billie Eilish hopped into James Corden’s celebrity carpool.

And what a corker it was. Billie and James sang along to her hits ‘Bad Guy’ and ‘Ocean Eyes’, before taking a brief visit to Billie’s home studio – located in her brother Finneas’ bedroom in their parents’ house – where James got to meet her massive pet spider.


Here’s everything we learned about Billie from the duo’s all-singing roadtrip.

Billie freaked out about meeting Justin Bieber at Coachella

James Corden asked Billie who she was most shocked to find out was a fan of her music, and she first named Billie Joe Armstrong, before telling James “Justin Bieber!”

Asking why meeting him was such a big moment, she explained: “Well, if I could be honest with you, for all Coachella weekend I was like ‘don’t surprise me with Justin Bieber, I can’t take it, I can’t have to do this show and Justin Bieber’s going to be there’,” Billie laughed.

Having not seen him throughout the weekend, Billie headed to watch Ariana Grande at the Californian festival. “I was rocking out because I love Ariana, and I saw [him]… and he just stood there, five feet away from me perfectly still… and he has a face mask so all I could see was his eyes; but they were his eyes!”

She can rap Ludacris’ part in ‘Baby’ word-for-word

After discussing Justin Bieber at Coachella, James and Billie went on to rap Ludacris’ part in Bieber’s 2009 smash hit ‘Baby’ word perfectly. We stan a legend.



She first showed an interest in songwriting when she was six 

James asked Billie how old she was when she first started writing songs. “If I say six it sounds stupid, because it’s like there’s no way…,” she explained. She then went on to explain that she was just writing melodies and making up tunes, saying: “I wasn’t sitting down and writing a whole song, but I was making up songs.”

The first song she learnt on the ukulele was by The Beatles

That tune was ‘I Will’ by The Beatles. A year later, when she was just seven, she wrote her first proper song on the ukulele. The tune, which she played for James, featured the lyrics: “We lay all day in our comfy bed/What a wonderful life/We play outside in the green grass/What a wonderful life.” That’s some second album gold right there.

Billie credits ‘Ocean Eyes’ with changing her life

When James put on her 2016 release ‘Ocean Eyes’ Billie told him: “This song gave me my life, I was 13 recording this song!”, before saying that the song “makes me emotional”. After it plays, she told James: “I haven’t listened to that in so long, that song is the reason that I have the life I have.”

Her parents couldn’t make her go to bed when she was making music

When growing up, Billie’s parents had a rule that they weren’t allowed to tell her to go to bed if she was making music. “[It was music] in any form,” she explains. “If we were playing piano, playing the guitar, playing the ukulele [we didn’t have to go to bed]”. What a great deal.

Finneas predicted their star-studded future

In the beginning of 2015, way before Billie had made any songs with her brother, Finneas joked: “I’m going to make you the biggest popstar in the world.” Little did they know, those words would later come totally true.