There are creepy AF songs about Slenderman too

The creepy subject of a new film has long been inspiring songs

A tall, thin man dressed in black and a void of white where his face should be – that’s Slenderman, the creepy mythical figure who is now the subject of a forthcoming new movie.

A viral bogeyman born on the internet but linked to real life crimes, often involving children, Slenderman has long been inspiring songs, too. US horror-punk band Haunted Garage released an EP called ‘Slenderman And Other Strange Tales’ earlier this year, directly referencing the attempted murder case that HBO’s doc focuses on, and Haunted Garage are far from alone in their fascination. Check out a slim selection of Slenderman songs below.

Haunted Garage – ‘Slenderman’

A chugging ode to the faceless figure that blames the internet for his rise and children’s delusions that he told them to kill.


‘The Slender Man Song’

Probably the creepiest of all, featuring “Slenderman” rasping the lyrics over skittering beats.

‘Slendy’s Lullaby’

Creepy in an entirely different way, this one-and-a-half-minute long track features cherubic female vocals that sound a bit like Grimes in places.

 ‘Slender Man Song’

A ‘Tubular Bells’-like ode to Slenderman, complete with eerie laughs and lyrics assuring you that “you most certainly will die”. Nice.