Xbox One X – set-up, space requirements, backwards compatibility and more questions answered

Many original Xbox games are playable on the new console

The Xbox One X has landed with a splash, touted by reviewers as the most powerful console in the world. But there’s a few things you’ll want to know before you get started.

What does set-up involve?

As soon as you plug your new Xbox into your TV and connect it to Wi-Fi, you’ll need to download a 783MB update. But don’t worry – it doesn’t take very long.

Can I upgrade without a hard drive?

Yes. If you’re upgrading from an older Xbox One console, you can transfer your settings, games and apps to the new console over your Wi-Fi network. But you can prepare for the arrival of your console in advance by transferring all your games to a hard drive, which you can then plug in when you switch it on. This means you can start playing straight away.

Will I need extra space for my games?

The Xbox One X isn’t a new generation of console, so its main selling point is how much better your games will look on it when compared to the original Xbox One and the S. Many existing Xbox One X games are being specifically enhanced for the console to 4K – or ultra-HD – levels. This means they’ll look incredible, but these versions of games can also take up more than 100GB of space each – meaning you could only fit 10 of them on a regular 1TB Xbox One X console. As well as making it easy to switch to the new console, a 2TB hard drive will at the very least triple your storage space – and you can get them in 4TB and 8TB variations as well. There’s been talk of Microsoft using cloud storage to reduce the amount of space games take up, but while we wait for that, an external hard drive is basically a must.

Is it backwards compatible?

Xbox Ones already had backwards compatibility for a selection of Xbox 360 games, but recently a set of original Xbox games were made playable on the console. These include the classic Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic and Prince of Persia: the Sands of Time. The great news for owners of the old console is that you can use the original discs. See the list of backwards compatible Xbox games here.

Can I still use my Kinect?

Yes – but you’ll need an adapter. Once you have one of these, you can plug the Kinect into one of the USB ports at the front or back of the console.

Will my old controllers still work?

Yes. Your Xbox One X will come with one controller, but you can use your old controllers on the new console too. Any devices that are compatible with the Xbox One or One S should work with the X too.