Get To Know Two Of Austin’s Best New Bands Playing A Party We’re Throwing This Friday

This Friday, June 19, we’re throwing a free party at London Fields Brewery called NME Sounds Of The Summer With Austin, Texas. Headlining the gig – which you can win tickets for by applying here – are Swim Deep, who you’ll of course already know plenty about.

The support acts are where things get really interesting from a Radar perspective, though: we’ve handpicked two of our favourite punk bands from Austin’s thriving scene to bring a little bit of Texan grot-rock to the streets of London.

First up are OBN III’s (pictured above), who I’ve been keeping tabs on since randomly stumbling past this amazing show of theirs at Beerland during SXSW in 2011. Check out all the blood!

Since that gig, they’ve had a few line-up changes and released a load of angry, Stooges-inspired music on Tic Tac Totally, Castle Face and Gerard Cosloy’s label 12XU.

Here’s what Thee Oh Sees singer (and Castle Face co-founder) John Dwyer has to say about their singer, the fantastically-named Orville Bateman Neeley III:

“[He’s] no stranger to a fatted lip. A feral Southern boy. Like a better looking version of the kid with the boomerang from Road Warrior. Hilarious, strong, and all game, all the time. A little bit early ZZ Top, a little bit Kiss, and a face-fuck of Stooges.”

Joining OBN III’s are another great Castle Face-affiliated act, Warm Soda. Fronted by Memphis-born glam head Matthew Melton (ex of Bare Wires – he’s also the guy who took the cover shot for Jay Reatard’s ‘Blood Visions’ album), they arrive at our show precisely 31 dates into a European tour that’s taken them through practically every spit & sawdust venue in France, Holland, Switzerland, Spain and beyond. Expect them to be ravaged, in a riveting way.

Less shouty than OBN III’s, they’re rooted in a fuzzy, Nuggets-infused world of twin guitars, Fender Deluxe’s (probably), canny choruses and the kind of neat songwriting that reminds me a little of what Jack White was briefly like when he was obsessing over Brendan Benson a decade or so ago.

And then finally we’ve got Swim Deep headlining. The band will no doubt be airing material from their soon-to-be released second album, which, frankly, is off the scale in terms of how broad-sounding it is – one track is as full-on as Pond at their heaviest, while others sound like they should be gunning for the top of the (pop) charts in the early 90s.

Find out more information on NME Sounds Of The Summer With Austin, Texas here.