LA Twins The Garden Bring Electro-Punk Anarchy On New Single ‘Cloak’ – Track Premiere

It’s been a while since a band brought the kind of electro-punk anarchy The Garden specialise in. ‘Cloak’, the latest glimpse inside the twisted minds of Los Angeles twins Fletcher and Wyatt Shears, is a rabid, breakbeat-propelled supernova for fans of Aphex Twin and early Prodigy. It’s the sort of track that makes you think of Killing Joke rocket-skating through a dark, dystopian metropolis. The pair call their violent bursts of noise “Vada Vada” – a word they invented because no other genre tags seems to get close to their particular brand of aural chaos. Sounds about right to us. Check out ‘Cloak’ now ahead of a whistlestop UK tour starting next week in Glasgow (August 11) and be sure to pick up this week’s NME for their lead Radar feature.