Premiere – Telegram Return Brooding And Intense On New Single ‘Aeons’

When they emerged in 2013, London-based quartet Telegram were a fiery bolt of glam-tinged urgency that filled Britain’s new music scene with a bubbling excitement. Instead of playing up to that early hype, though, they’ve hidden away in the shadows a bit. ‘Aeons’ is only their third single in just under two years but when Matt Saunders’ purring vocals, all rolling r’s and brooding intensity, kick in, it’s clear he’s not commenting on how his band are taking their time. “Aeons, aeons/Never letting go,” he sings over a building swirl of glam-psych, “We’ve got things that only we could know.” Matt Wood’s jittery guitar line begins subtly at first, but by the song’s end, it’s a frenzied beast threatening to barge Saunders out of the spotlight.

‘Aeons’ is released on the band’s own label Gram Gram on July 10. Pre-order it via PledgeMusic now.

Telegram play the following dates this summer:

Field Day Festival (June 6)
London Electrowerkz (July 15)
Beat Herder Festival (18)
Panorama Festival (August 8)