Is there a ‘Birds of Prey’ post-credits scene?

Margot Robbie's hyperactive supervillain is keeping audiences on their toes until the end

Margot Robbie’s standalone anti-hero epic Birds of Prey is finally here – in all its glittering, violent glory. Robbie plays Harley Quinn, introduced onscreen in Suicide Squad as one of the core members of the team, and the Joker’s girlfriend.

Now the Clown Princess of Crime is stepping out on her own as the narrator and main character in a post-breakup adventure. So it makes sense that anything that happens after the credits have rolled happens entirely on her terms.


The 2010s were dominated by Marvel, whose love of dropping Easter eggs in post-credit scenes was well-known. Carefully designed to set up future instalments, as well as tease familiar character quirks for die-hard fans who would stay in their seats until the lights came up, nearly every entry in the MCU contained an extra special prologue. DC, of course, soon followed suit.

Harley Quinn, ever the prankster, capitalises on this well-worn trend – gifting her Birds of Prey audience with a small snippet of bonus content, just don’t expect any major plot twists.

Continuing her voiceover narration from the main film, Harley first mocks those devoted enough to wait for any more scenes. She then teases a reward, and starts sharing what could be major gossip about Bruce Wayne aka the Caped Crusader.

“Did you know Batman f-?” she begins, before a cut to black and fittingly wicked cliffhanger. Whether this holds a major secret that might be explored in The Suicide Squad (August 2021) or even The Batman (June 2021) remains to be seen.

Birds of Prey post credits scene
Rosie Perez, Mary Elizabeth Winstead, Margot Robbie, Ella Jay Basco, Jurnee Smollett-Bell (Credit: Claudette Barius)


Either way, the post-credits scene here is nowhere near as meaty as anything rivals Marvel have put out. In fact, it seems to be poking fun at the whole idea, which – considering the movie’s sarcastic tone – is certainly fitting.

NME‘s Rhian Daly was full of praise for Birds of Prey in a four star review, writing: “Birds of Prey is riotous fun, peppered with moments of warmth and light amidst the brutality.”

She added: “If bloody brawls and faces being sliced off on camera are good enough for the boys, they’re most definitely good enough for the women too.”