Chris Pratt and Jennifer Lawrence engaged in a savage ‘Playground Insults’ war, and the results are hilarious

The gloves are off in the latest hijinx from the 'Passengers' press tour

So far, the whole press tour for Chris Pratt and Jennifer Lawrence’s new movie Passengers has been one funny escapade. They’ve been cracking each other up at photo calls, Pratt’s been humorously cutting his co-star out of his selfies, before finally uploading a “photo” of his “bestie” (which turned out to be him in a J-Law mask), and Lawrence has been spray-painting devil features onto his face on bus ads.

Now, they’ve stopped by BBC Radio 1 to continue their japes. Taking part in the station’s Playground Insults series, the pair stared each other out in an empty studio before savagely trying to take each other down.


Not even Lawrence, one of the world’s top actors, could keep a straight face when Pratt delivered burns like “Why did they call it Joy?” and “I recently told you that you act like Adele sings. I hate Adele.” In fact, she couldn’t even keep herself from laughing when she was slagging him off, spluttering her way through lines like “You are so stupid your three-year-old son probably taught you everything you know.”

She managed to keep it together for two of the best, though: “Where do you keep your Oscar?” (Pratt hasn’t won one), and “You’re so old your publicist is a registered nurse.”

Ultimately, the victory went to Pratt who followed Lawrence’s suggestion she had to take pills to stop her feeling nauseous before doing a sex scene with him with the zinger most befitting of the segment’s Playground Insults title.

Watch it below and prepare to laugh very, very hard.

Romantic sci-fi thriller Passengers is released in the UK on December 21.



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