‘Ready Player One’: all the easter eggs revealed so far

Steven Spielberg's new film is out March 30, 2018

The film rights to Ready Player One were bought in 2010, before the bestselling novel it was based on had even been published. Years later, Warner Bros’ gamble seems to have paid off: under the direction of Steven Spielberg, it’s already looking like one of the biggest blockbusters of 2018 despite a divided reaction from critics.

The central premise is this: Wade Watts is an orphan living in a slummy 2045, where the only escape from his harsh reality is a VR system called The Oasis. The creator of the system has hidden an Easter Egg inside the virtual world, and whoever finds it is in line for ownership of The Oasis and a $240bn fortune – one Watts looks set to win, until the interference of an evil group called IOI (Innovative Online Industries).

Thanks to the trailer – and to critics who’ve seen it – we know that a list of hulking pop-culture favourites as long as your arm are crammed into the fictional world of The Oasis, from the worlds of film, videogames, comics and more. Here’s who we’ve spotted so far…

1. Star Wars paraphernalia


As Steven Spielberg explains below, the ongoing Disney Star Wars films made it hard for them to include much Star Wars stuff in the films – but you will see R2-D2 and X-Wings here and there in the film, as approved by Disney.

2. King Kong


3. Harley Quinn & The Joker


4. Gundam


5. Child’s Play‘s Chucky

6. Overwatch‘s Tracer and Sreet Fighter‘s Chun-Li


7. Lara Croft (hiding in plain sight)


8. Madballs

As shown in the poster (below), one of the iconic Madballs toys are held by one of the film’s characters in the poster, and they play a part in the film too.

9. Battletoads

10. Street Fighter‘s Ryu

11. Deathstroke


12. Street Fighter‘s Blanka

13. Battleborn‘s El Dragón

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