‘Final Fantasy VII Remake’ sells 3.5million copies in first three days

It’ll remain a PlayStation 4 exclusive for the next year

Square Enix has revealed that its Final Fantasy VII Remake is not just a critical success, but also a commercial one.

The company announced through the official Final Fantasy VII Remake Twitter account that the game has shipped and sold over 3.5million copies, inclusive of both physical and digital versions. The figures, however, are not reflective of total sales and only count the first three days of availability – it launched on April 10.

“All of us would like to raise our Buster Swords to say THANK YOU to everyone who has supported us during launch, we hope you’re all enjoying the game!” Square Enix said in the tweet.


Check out their announcement below.

It’s unknown if the sales figure also factors in the early sales of the game, which started selling in Australia and Europe over a week ahead of the game’s official release. The early release was to circumvent “disruption to distribution channels” caused by the coronavirus pandemic.

NME’s Jordan Oloman called the Final Fantasy VII Remake “much more than a simple adaptation [but] a fully fledged upgrade of one of the most beloved JRPGs around,” in a glowing four-and-a-half-star review.

The Final Fantasy VII Remake is currently exclusively available on the PlayStation 4. The game’s exclusivity window on the platform is planned to last until April 4, 2021 and could appear on PC, Xbox One and any other system thereafter, although no ports have yet to be announced.


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