‘Satisfactory’ Update 5 experimental branch release announced

Update 5 is coming to experimental next month

Coffee Stain Studios has announced when players will get access to Satisfactory Update 5 on the experimental branch.

In a video, Coffee Stain Studios has revealed that Update 5 for Satisfactory will be coming to the experimental branch on October 26. The experimental branch is where updates are released while they may not be entirely stable. The update will stay experimental for roughly a month before it migrates to the main branch of the game.

Everyone who has purchased Satisfactory has access to the experimental branch. On the Epic Games Store, experimental is a separate entry in the library that players can download. Steam users will need to opt into the beta in the Satisfactory properties. It is recommended that players back up their save files before launching the experimental branch.


For Update 5, players will not need to do much preparation in-game. Previous updates have changed supply chains that have caused factories to stop working but Update 5 won’t have any effect. The only things players should be concerned about are if their buildings will be affected by terrain changes.

Satisfactory update 5 makes several changes to the world. Most of these are in the north forest, which will have a lot more trees and foliage. If a player’s factory is here, they will need to get their chainsaw ready for Update 5’s release.

Players in the dune desert area may have more complications as a large rock is being placed in the terrain, intersecting existing buildings. Another spot will have a giant sinkhole added, but that shouldn’t cause issues with existing structures.

Update 5 will mainly be adding new cosmetic options to allow for more exciting buildings in player’s factories. However, there will be more milestone and manufacturing changes coming in future updates.


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