Strategy game ‘Warno’ transforms the Cold War into WW3 with new trailer

Imagine all the warfare

A new trailer for Warno – “the spiritual successor to Wargame” – has been released, showcasing a strategy game that imagines a Cold War escalating into full-blown World War 3.

Warno is a Cold War-era real-time strategy (RTS) game that examines a fictional scenario where war between NATO and Warsaw Pact forces broke out.

The strategy game describes itself as a “World War 3 battle simulator” and will launch in Early Access for Steam on January 20, 2022. As the Early Access launch is just over a month away, developer Eugen Systems has detailed what fans can expect.


Players will be able to take control of “hundreds of units” to win battles. These units range from “conscripts to Spetsnaz, main battle tanks, attack helicopters, and stealth strike aircraft”. Like any well-balanced real-time strategy, these units will all have “unique strengths and weaknesses” that players must account for when utilising them in battle.

Warno will launch with multiplayer, and fans can choose to fight against either other players or AI enemies. There’s also a co-op mode available for those who’d rather fight alongside others in multiplayer, including a 10v10 game mode. It’s also been confirmed that multiplayer will include a ranked mode for any players that are feeling more competitive.

Leaning into its alternate-history route, Warno will also feature a “massive turn-based Army General strategy campaigns depicting some of the hardest-fought “what if” scenarios of a Cold War turned hot” in a “vicious fight across Western Europe”.

When Warno launches in Early Access, players will be able to play as two nations – the United States and the Soviet Union – and play skirmish battles, however, there are plans for it to be updated with new content ranging from units to extra scenarios, campaigns and mechanics.


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