‘Mindhunter’: See how close the show’s serial killers are to the real thing

Stranger Things 2 might be returning, and American Horror Story may be terrifying viewers across the world – but honestly, Mindhunter might be the creepiest show on TV.

The new Netflix show is based around the infamous psychology book of the same name, in which FBI agents John E. Douglas and Mark Olshaker detail their meetings with America’s most notorious serial killers. Its a chilling read.

So, no surprise then, that the TV adaptation – which has been helmed by David Fincher (Seven, Fight Club, Zodiac – is equally eerie. It shows the agents travelling across America to get under the skin of some of the infamous murderers, most notably Ed Kemper.


Kemper, a highly-intelligent killer butchered 10 people over a decade-long span in the ’60 and ’70s, is portrayed by Cameron Britton in the show – and Britton absolutely nails it. From the expressive hands to the way some of his most deranged quotes roll off the tongue, the performance is spot on. If you want to see just how close, a fan has cut together interviews with Kemper that Britton based his portrayal on. Take a look below.

As Mindhunter expands, we’ll no doubt meet some more of their subjects such as ‘Killer Clown’ John Wayne Gacy – and potentially Charles Manson, who is referenced in Season 1 repeatedly, but not seen just yet.

Sleep well though, yeah.