Gears of War

Zack Snyder given approval to direct ‘Gears Of War’ movie from the game’s creator on one condition

Dave Bautista has long been campaigning to star in a 'Gears Of War' film

Dave Bautista turned down role in ‘Fast & Furious’ franchise

"I don't want to pretend like I'm actually interested in something I'm not"

‘Gears Of War’ is returning with an untitled game in the works

The Coalition plans to "forge the future" of 'Gears Of War'

‘Gears 6’ is reportedly The Coalition’s next game after two other titles were cancelled

The studio has shifted its attention to the next 'Gears Of War' title

‘Gears of War’ studio pledges 1 per cent of future revenue to suicide prevention charities

'Gears of War' developer The Coalition has pledged one per cent of all future net revenue from the franchise to suicide prevention charities

343 Industries founder steps down due to “family medical issue”

Bonnie Ross, the head of 'Halo' developer 343 Industries, has announced that she is leaving the company due to a "family medical issue"

‘Gears Of War’ might be getting a “‘Master Chief Collection’-type treatment”

A 'Gears Of War' remaster collection could be on the way

‘Gears of War’ studio may be working on a new series of games

Gleaned from a now removed LinkedIn entry