50 Cent returns to trolling Busta Rhymes after blocking Ja Rule

The rapper has been having fun stirring up lots of feuds recently

50 Cent has returned to trolling Busta Rhymes on Instagram, only days after declaring his feud with Ja Rule won’t end until “one of us is gone”.

Fiddy sparked the clash with the ‘Gimme Some More’ star in September with a now-deleted Instagram post that said: “And the award for the strongest neck in hip-hop goes to Busa Bus”.

Today (November 8), he upped the ante, posting a shot from when Busta Rhymes was left with a bloody head wound after falling off a stage in 2014.


50 Cent added the teasing caption: “This was God sending @bustarhymes a message?I think he wants him to slow down on the drinking.??‍♂️you can’t drink and shake your head that fast man. ?positive vibes”


It wasn’t always this way. 50 Cent, Eminem and Busta Rhymes all jumped on the diss track ‘Hail Mary’ that slammed Ja Rule’s preoccupation with Tupac Shakur.

50 Cent and Busta Rhymes snapped together in 2014

Busta hit back at Fiddy’s first shot by posting an old picture of a fresh-faced Fiddy and poking fun at his “tough look”, saying “you look like you was smellin’ shit like yo bandana stink you rancid face lookin’ ass mu’fucka”.


50 Cent has got involved with a number of public feuds recently, stepping into the beef between Nicki Minaj and Cardi B, and the diss tracks between Eminem and Machine Gun Kelly.

His decades-old feud with Ja Rule reached new heights last month when 50 Cent claimed he bought 200 front-row tickets to a Ja Rule concert just so they would be empty.