Chvrches share new track ‘Miracle’

It's the latest taster to land ahead of forthcoming album 'Love Is Dead'

Chvrches have released a brand new track called ‘Miracle’. It appears on their third album ‘Love Is Dead’, out on on May 25.

It follows on from previous sneak-peeks ‘Never Say Die’, ‘Get Out’  and ‘My Enemy’, which features The National’s Matt Berninger.

The band aired ‘Miracle’ as the Hottest Record on Annie Mac’s BBC Radio 1 show. Speaking to the presenter, Chvrches revealed that the track was recorded with pop producer Steve Mac. It is also the only track from ‘Love Is Dead’ that was recorded in the UK. The rest of the album was recorded in the US, produced by the band and Greg Kurstin.


Listen to ‘Miracle’ here, along with Chvrches discussing their new album ‘Love Is Dead’. The track itself begins around the 1 minute mark.

“We did that session because we know Steve is actually a legend in British music, songwriting and production, and we ended up with this,” explains the band’s Martin Doherty, adding that ‘Miracle’ was added to ‘Love Is Dead’ long after Chvrches thought it was finished.

The Scottish band’s third record explores “coming to terms with the fact that there are great things in the world and there are awful things in the world and that you can’t get one without the other,” explains Lauren Mayberry.