Dr Dre discusses treatment for brain aneurysm: “It’s a really weird thing”

The rapper and producer suffered a health scare back in January

Dr Dre has spoken out over his recent treatment for a brain aneurysm.

The rapper and producer was taken to the intensive care unit at Los Angeles’ Cedars-Sinai Hospital in January, after suffering the health scare.

Days after he was discharged from the hospital, Dre was pictured in the studio including The D.O.C in front of a mixing board. He was reportedly working on his fabled album ‘Detox’.


Speaking about the scare, he told the Los Angeles Times: “It’s a really weird thing. I’ve never had high blood pressure. And I’ve always been a person that has always taken care of my health. But there’s something that happens for some reason with black men and high blood pressure, and I never saw that coming. But I’m taking care of myself.

Dr. Dre in Los Angeles. Credit: Getty/Kevin Winter

“And I think every Black man should just check that out and make sure things are OK with the blood pressure,” he continued. “And I’m going to move on and, hopefully, live a long and healthy life. I’m feeling fantastic.”

Detox was first announced as the follow-up to Dre’s acclaimed second album ‘2001’, with the producer working on the record for over a decade before officially shelving it in 2015 – claiming that album sessions had not met his expectations.

His third studio album then came in the form of ‘Compton’ released just a week later.

Last August, Akon said he had contributed to the album and called on Dr Dre to finally release it. 


“I don’t think [Dre] understands his power sometimes,” he said in an interview with Vlad TV. “[But] I don’t think that. I think he’s gonna win no matter what because he’s Dre! Just drop that bitch!

In 2010, ‘Kush’, a song by Dre, Akon and Snoop Dogg that was said to be from ‘Detox’, leaked online, followed by an officially mastered release.

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