Keanu Reeves surprises pubgoers in Hertfordshire

The Hollywood star dropped by for lunch over the weekend

Keanu Reeves surprised pubgoers in Hertfordshire over the weekend after turning up for lunch.

The Matrix star made a visit to The Robin Hood in Tring on Saturday (February 4), with the pub revealing that he “made” the staff’s day after going over to thank them.

“So today we had a surprise visitor for lunch… What a lovely man he was too,” the pub staff shared on their Facebook page, posting a picture of the actor.


“[Staff member] Laura asked if he would be ok with taking photos with the kitchen lads. He marched into the kitchen shook their hands and praised them for the food they had prepared. Suffice to say he made their days!!!”

So today we had a surprise visitor for lunch…What a lovely man he was too.Laura asked if he would be ok with taking…

Posted by The Robin Hood Tring on Saturday, February 4, 2023

Chef Scott Valentine recalled (via BBC News): “It was a bit worrying because I had to cook for him but we took it out to him and he said thank you and was really nice.”

Admitting he didn’t initially believe it was Reeves, he revealed: “I went to get a drink from the bar and saw him ordering a drink. I thought ‘that looks a bit like Keanu Reeves’ then went back into the kitchen and thought nothing of it.”

When his colleague confirmed it was the actor, Valentine admitted they “started freaking out a little bit”, further confirming: “He came into the kitchen, shook our hands and said the food was lovely.

“He took the photo and I put it on my Instagram and it blew up quite a lot. Loads of people said it was amazing and they were really jealous.”


Keanu Reeves
Keanu Reeves CREDIT: Jon Kopaloff/Getty Images

Reeves is known for his nice reputation with fans, just last summer appearing at a couple in Northamptonshire’s wedding.

The actor happened to be a guest at the same hotel, and the husband “invited Keanu to come over to say hello and have a drink with us if he wanted to”, and later surprised the couple and took photos.

A kind gesture to an 80-year-old fan who had a crush on Reeves also went viral last year, as did an exchange with a young fan.

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