‘Ghostwire: Tokyo’ gets a big range of graphics options on PC

'Ghostwire: Tokyo' will support ray tracing, DLSS, and ultrawide displays on PC

After the news that Ghostwire: Tokyo will have a range of graphical options to choose from on PS5, details have emerged on what settings will be available on PC.

Ghostwire: Tokyo is out next week (March 25), and on PC it will have a few different settings that will alter the graphics of the game. As shown in a screenshot from wccftech, players will have a range of options on PC.

Ghostwire: Tokyo will support several upscaling technologies, including Unreal Engine‘s Temporal Super Resolution (TSR), Nvidia‘s Deep Learning Super Sampling (DLSS), and AMD‘s FidelityFX Super Resolution (FSR).


Ghostwire: Tokyo also has a range of settings that lets players fine tune the graphical fidelity of the game. Players will be able to change things like ray tracing culling, shadow, reflection quality, and well the option to turn ray tracing on or off completely. There is also the option to alter the quality of shadow maps, as well as changing the setting for global illumination.

Ghostwire: Tokyo PC options. Credit: Tango Gameworks/ wccftech.

On top of all these specific options, Ghostwire: Tokyo also has your more standard PC options. Players can choose between fullscreen or not, the resolution of the game, a vertical sync (VSync) toggle, and a customisable framerate cap. There are also more detailed brightness and colour blind options, the former of which lets you choose play around with the game’s HDR.

Tango Gameworks has added that ultrawide displays will be supported.

The PS5 version of Ghostwire: Tokyo will have six graphical options to choose from as well, which includes quality mode, performance mode, high framerate quality, high framerate performance, and VSync options for the previous two options.


In other news, PlayStation has released a roughly 19 minute long gameplay trailer showing off the new Returnal expansion.