‘Project Zomboid’ developer shares an early look at farmyard animals

The Indie Stone has explained how tending to animals in 'Project Zomboid' will work

Project Zomboid developer The Indie Stone has shared an early look at farmyard animals in the zombie survival simulator, with several videos showcasing how they will work in the game.

In a weekly update, The Indie Stone has revealed a “super work in progress” look at the studio’s efforts to add farmyard animals to Project Zomboid.

In the blog, The Indie Stone revealed a look at chickens, sheep and cows ambling around in-game.


As detailed by The Indie stone, each of these animals will behave in their own unique ways.

Calves will become cows or bulls and grow in size over the course of several in-game years, and how big they get is affected by how well you feed and treat them. As Zomboid prides itself on realism, how big your cows grow will directly affect how much meat is available if you choose to butcher them.

Cows will produce milk after delivering a calf, while sheep can be sheared for wool and milked. Finally, hens will be able to lay eggs.


“What’s currently being added to the above systems are some ways to encourage the breeding of animals – to improve your herd, and that of your friends and neighbours, as the apocalypse draws on,” added The Indie Stone, before explaining that animals will feature a “somewhat realistic, yet still gamified, genetics system” which will make breeding these animals a pretty detailed affair for players.

Similar to the way that skills like mechanics and first aid act in the game, players will need to level up a relevant skill to breed and care for their animals in the best way possible.

Outside of detailing the progress on animals, the latest blog also shared that The Indie Stone is currently internally testing an improved fishing system, and is also working on an in-depth lockpicking system.

Previously, The Indie Stone has shared details on what Project Zomboid‘s first NPC update will include, as well as plans for a Crusader Kings-style NPC system.

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