Revised PS5 model may be ‘worse’ due to significantly reduced cooling

This might spark some heated debate

A teardown of the new revised PS5 model that went on sale in Australia last week has shown that the model may have cooling issues compared to its previous iteration.

That’s the allegation from tech YouTuber, Austin Evans, who procured and dissected one of the PS5s which have been spotted in Australia and Japan.

In the video, titled “The New PS5 is Worse”, Evans pointed out an array of changes to the new PS5 model, including changes to Wi-Fi hardware which may tie in with a Sony document that hinted at a “new wireless communication module” (thanks, VGC).


The biggest change noted in the video is a reworked fan and cooling system, which appears to have taken the most weight off the revised PS5 console. Overall, the removal leaves the new PS5 300g lighter than early models.

According to Evans, this change appears to have been cut from the cooling system, however, which has already been shown to run hot even before these changes were made. The entire cooling system is now much smaller, which may reduce the heat sink capacity.

With the addition of new expandable memory for the PS5, further cooling was required, meaning owners of the console had to fix on an additional heat sink to use it. How this impacts the new model with its considerably smaller heat sink area remains unclear, but without proper cooling, the device could potentially suffer from reduced performance in theory.

Given that Sony is producing this model to alleviate shortages in the industry, this could easily be a reworked system that was made to reduce copper usage or that somehow benefits from increased efficiency. Either way, Sony say they are now able to sell the all-digital version of the PS5 at a profit to themselves, after selling at a loss for several months.


In related news, Sony may begin offering a “more expensive” tier of PlayStation Plus in the future that could include a subscription to anime streaming app, Crunchyroll.

Speaking within Sony’s press release on the acquisition, Tony Vinciquerra – Chairman and CEO of Sony Pictures Entertainment Inc – mentions that Sony’s “goal is to create a unified anime subscription experience as soon as possible”, and plan to make Crunchyroll available “across any platform…from theatrical, events, home entertainment, games, streaming, linear TV – everywhere”.