‘RimWorld’ latest update improves caravans and archonexus

Update 1.3.3159 is available now.

The latest RimWorld update is here and introduces big changes to the game’s caravans, biosculpters, archonexus, and more.

Ludeon Studios has released a brand new patch for its popular simulation game as well as its expansions. Update 1.3.3159 will add a focused redesign for biosculpters while reworking the caravan formation to make it faster. The archnonexus restart sequence has also been fine-tuned, along with several other fixes.

First up are the changes to the biosculpter. With this patch, transhumanism believers will now automatically take their yearly age reversal cycle if the new “Auto age reverse” toggle on biotuned biosculpter pods is enabled, while all cycles now take five nutrition, and nutrition must be loaded before a cycle is selected instead of after. Additionally, extra cycle ingredients (like glitterworld medicine) are collected and carried to the biosculpter by the pawn initiating the cycle.


Several other updates include big changes to how Biotuning works, such as an adjustment to the Biotuning duration – which has been increased from 60 days to 80 days – as well as the deconstruct yield which is now down to 25 per cent from 50 per cent.

For caravan’s, the developer has made improvements to how animals and colonists will operate along with adjusting the caravan hauling behaviour to cancel en route instead of waiting for arrivals. Various other changes include:

  • Colonists will grab food from pack animal to feed patients if no other food available
  • Colonists can grab medicine from pack animals
  • Colonists will take drugs (if assigned or need) from pack animal inventory if no other sources are available
  • Animals will eat and sleep within their rope area if they’re roped to a spot
  • Added an alert that shows when hungry animals are tied to hitching posts
  • Save prepare caravan gather items toil tree to disk

As for the archonexus, there are many dialogue updates, including the addition of animal pregnancy, gender, and bonded information to the settlement dialogue. Some other features include the ability to sort items players take to new archonexus settlement more in line with usefulness, as well as a change to the archonexus item selection such that weapons and utility belts are unequipped and must be explicitly chosen, and more.

The full list of patch notes for Update 1.3.3159 can be found on the RimWorld community page.

In other news, New World players are literally catching bots.

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