The recent ‘Fallout 3’ update broke some mods – here’s an easy fix

Praise the mods! A fix has already been made

Last week, Fallout 3 was updated more than 13 years after its initial launch. The update removed the Games For Windows Live requirement, but it also disabled the Fallout Script Extender, essential for many mods. Fortunately, a fix has already been implemented by modder lStewieAl.

Games For Windows Live was discontinued back in 2014, meaning Fallout 3 was all but unplayable through Steam. So, when it was updated last week, many players would have been happy to discover the game was more accessible than before.

However, it turns out this update was bittersweet. While it made the game more accessible via Steam, it also stopped the Fallout Script Extender from working. This is essential for many mods that players love to use, and as with any Bethesda title, the mod scene for the game is huge.


Fallout 3
Fallout 3. Credit: Bethesda

Fortunately, modder lStewieAl has managed to implement a fix in just one week. The Fallout Anniversary Patcher, available on Nexus Mods, reverts the game back to its pre-patch version, but it keeps the benefits of disabling the Games For Windows Live requirements.

This works with both the standard and game of the year editions of Fallout 3 on both GOG and Steam, and means all of your mods will work once again.

This is not the only Bethesda title to have its mods disrupted by an update. The Skyrim Anniversary Edition patch is set to break similar mod loading tool Skyrim Script Extender, due to the way the updated version of the game will compile.

Redditors have advised Skyrim players to disable Steam’s auto-updates to ensure their mods remain playable, as they’re unsure how long disruptions will affect the modding community.


In other news, God Of War is coming to PC in January 2022, and details of Assassin’s Creed Valhalla’s third expansion were spotted in a datamine.

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