The ‘Zelda: Ocarina Of Time’ PC port now runs on Mac and Wii U

A sizeable number of improvements have also hit the port

Harbour Masters has released a new Nintendo Direct-style presentation filled with information about the updates, fixes and additions to its fan-made The Legend Of Zelda: Ocarina Of Time port for PC.

The video, which you can watch below, was uploaded to the Ship of Harkinian YouTube channel on July 14, and it showcases exactly what players can expect to be changing about the PC port of the adventure classic.

Some of the biggest updates are how the entire port can now run on both Mac OS and Wii U, and you can select the number of frames you wish to render as well (via PC Gamer).


Individual settings can now control the game’s difficulty, Link can use a shield whilst holding a two-handed sword, you can see the vision pathing of guards, time moves on the file select screen, the heads-up display can be edited, a cheat lets you use items anywhere in Hyrule and another stops Epona from getting fatigue.

The Bunny Hood can be used as an adult, and a number of tasks can be sped up in the game as well, including some quests. There are also a series of quality of life improvements as well, like the ability to hold more Deku Nuts.

You can bind player controls via a graphical interface, and the D-pad can also be used to equip items on top of the usual yellow C buttons.

A previous update to the port added both Linux support and 60fps availability as well, as Harbour Masters has continued to the support the project since it was initially released.

In other news, a number of updates for the co-op Skyrim Together Reborn mod have greatly improved the experience since launch, with almost 250,000 players downloading it.

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