Lethal Bizzle pleads with Jeremy Corbyn to resign and “do what’s best for the team”

Is the Grime4Corbyn movement officially dying out?

Lethal Bizzle has called on Jeremy Corbyn to resign as leader of the Labour party.

Calling himself a Labour supporter, Bizzle tweeted his disappointment at Corbyn’s recent leadership of the party and said it was time to “let someone else have a go”.

Bizzle was responding to a tweet from Corbyn in which the politician outlined Labour’s plans for the country if it won a general election.


“Dear Mr Corbyn, as a Labour supporter, I cannot see us getting back into power anytime soon,” Bizzle responded.

He continued: “You and your party are a team, and right now you’re injured, constantly hitting the post. I think you should do what’s best for the team, sit on the bench and let someone else have a go.”

Bizzle is the most high-profile grime star so far to speak out against Corbyn.

At the 2017 general election, many grime stars including Stormzy, JME, Maxsta, Novelist and Awate voiced their support for Corbyn’s leadership. The movement became known as Grime4Corbyn.


However, Corbyn’s subsequent time as Labour leader has been dogged by claims that he has failed to respond adequately to anti-Semitism within the party’s membership, and that Labour’s position on Brexit is unclear.

In December 2017, seven months after the general election, Skepta said he had always been dismissive of the Grime4Corbyn movement.

Skepta said: “Everybody that mattered started to support politics and tell people to vote for people. I’m like ‘Are you lot fucking stupid, brother?’ We’re seven months later, and no-one gives a shit about it now, bruv.”

Bizzle’s support for Corbyn had always seemed tentative. Speaking shortly before the last general election, when Grime4Corbyn was at its height, Bizzle told Fubar Radio that he liked Corbyn and thought he was “cool”. But Bizzle added he didn’t think Corbyn was necessarily the politician who could take the party forward.

Bizzle’s comments come in the week in which Boris Johnson became Prime Minister. Stormzy, Thom Yorke and Slowthai were among those to react with dismay to Johnson’s appointment. IDLES singer Joe Talbot called Johnson “a cartoon racist” to NME at the Mercury Prize launch.

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