Aaron Dessner discusses future collaborations with Taylor Swift: “Certainly, it will continue”

“I think we will continue to be in each other’s artistic and personal lives”

The National’s Aaron Dessner has discussed the future of his collaborations with Taylor Swift.

The producer and multi-instrumentalist co-wrote and produced Swift’s pair of 2020 lockdown albums, ‘Folklore’ and the recent follow-up ‘Evermore’.

Speaking to Rolling Stone about the possibility of future projects between the pair, Dessner said: “It’s kind of the thing where I have so many musicians in my life that I’ve grown close to, and make things with, and are just part of my life. And I’ve rarely had this kind of chemistry with anyone in my life — to be able to write together, to make so many beautiful songs together in such a short period of time.


“Inevitably, I think we will continue to be in each other’s artistic and personal lives. I don’t know exactly what the next form that will take, but certainly, it will continue.

Dessner added: “I do think this story, this era, has concluded, and I think in such a beautiful way with these sister records — it does kind of feel like there’s closure to that. But she’s definitely been very helpful and engaged with Big Red Machine, and just in general.

“She feels like another incredible musician that I’ve gotten to know and am lucky to have in my life. It’s this whole community that moves forward and takes risks and, hopefully, there will be other records that appear in the future.”

Reviewing ‘Evermore’, which was surprise released last week (December 11), NME wrote: “If ‘Folklore’ is an introspective, romantic older sister, ‘Evermore’ is the freewheeling younger sibling. ‘Folklore’ was Swift’s masterful songwriting spun through a very specific sonic palette; ‘Evermore’ feels looser, with more experimentation, charm and musical shades at play.


“The new album reaps the rewards of the stylistic leap of faith that ‘Folklore’ represented, pushing the boundaries of that sonic palette further still.”