Aphex Twin’s TV premiere cancelled after failing epilepsy test

It was cancelled after the electro-pioneer's visuals failed to meet the standards of TV censors.

A TV segment to promote Aphex Twin‘s new EP ‘Collapse’ has been cancelled after it failed a test to protect viewers who suffer from photosensitive epilepsy.

The five-minute segment was due to air on Adult Swim last night, but it was cancelled after the electro-pioneer’s visuals failed to meet the standards of TV censors.

Posting on Twitter, Adult Swim’s Creative Director of On-Air Jason DeMarco wrote: “[The segment] didn’t pass the Harding test,” he tweeted, referring to the epilepsy safety standards that broadcasters must adhere to.


“We will be premiering it online.”


The proposed TV segment comes after posters bearing Aphex Twin’s logo were spotted in locations across the globe.

Earlier this month, his label Warp Records posted a new teaser on their Twitter page.

Most of the text in the image is obscured by Aphex’s logo, but the title ‘Collapse’ EP can be seen multiple times across the page.

Aphex Twin – whose real name is Richard D. James – last put out an EP with 2016’s ‘Cheetah‘. In a three-star review, NME said: “‘Cheetah’ isn’t bad, but it could be the work of a lesser producer. In this respect at least, Aphex Twin remains an enigma. After all, you don’t come out of retirement to be ordinary.”

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