Arctic Monkeys: ‘Fans said we sounded like Porridge’

Matt Helders gets told off for poor sound quality at comeback gig

Arctic Monkeys‘ drummer Matt Helders has revealed he was accosted by a fan who complained about the band’s comeback shows this week.

The band debuted four new songs at their gig in Wellington, New Zealand on Monday (January 12).

Speaking to TV station 3news, Helders said the fan gave the band some constructive criticism when he saw them at an airport.

“I got some semi-negative face-to-face feedback from someone at the airport,” he explained. “It were more about the sound actually, less about us. He said it sounded a bit like porridge.”

Frontman Alex Turner then interrupted his bandmate, saying “What, as in the ’70s sitcom?”

Helders replied “What, Ronnie Barker?! No! Just a bit ‘woolly’. I just pointed him in the sound man’s direction…”

The drummer said that despite his grievances, the fan later admitted to him that the band’s new songs had left him impressed.

“The one guy who gave me bad feedback said he enjoyed the new songs though,” the drummer quipped.

Turner also revealed that the band are also planning to hook up with Nick Cave And The Bad Seeds in Sydney. Arctic Monkeys have been playing a cover of rhe bands’s ‘Red Right Hand’ at their shows recently.

“We’re all big fans of him and we’ve been doing that [‘Red Right Hand’] for a while, playing that tune in the practise room and stuff and we just thought this was the right area to do it in,” Turner said.

“He’s playing the ATP [All Tomorrow’s Parties Australia 2009] thing in Sydney I think, so we’re hoping that we’ll cross so we can go and watch The Bad Seeds.”

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