ArrDee and Aitch link up on rip-roaring new track ‘War’

The much-talked about collaboration between the UK rap wonder kids is finally here

ArrDee and Aitch have linked up on a brand new single – you can check out the video for ‘War’ below.

The much-talked about collaboration between the UK rap wonder kids sees them trade slick verses over a high-energy drill instrumental produced by LiTek and WhYJay.

See, I remember this time, I was flat on my arse/ Mum lost the yard and I’m tryna graft/ Studio was my time apart/ I’d go bake off back at Muli’s yard/ Schemin’ how we’d get our mulas up/ Stupidness for a few quid more/ Thank God everyday that music bussed,” Arrdee raps in his opening verse, recalling tougher times.


When it’s time for Aitch to get his bars off, he puts his foot down and goes into full-blown bragging mode: “Yo, alright, I got sixteen, fifteen left/ Armz Korleone when I lift these reps/ Hard to moan when you live this blessed/ Bro don’t park the chrome, he just rips and press/ Swipe and go, I spend quids on creps/ Multiply my dough when I flip this cheque.”

The track comes alongside a video directed by Gabriella Kingsley, which sees the two rappers face off with rivals battalions – complete with tank-like 4x4s, balaclava-clad horsemen and footsoldiers dressed in black – on a beach in ArrDee’s native Brighton.

You can watch the video below:


Aitch was among the names recently announced to be performing at this year’s Longitude Festival.


The Manchester rapper will be joined by the likes of Dave, Tyler, The Creator, Megan Thee Stallion, Doja Cat, A$AP RockyThe Kid Laroi, Jack Harlow and more.

In a recent cover story for NME, Aitch spoke about his roots and his love for his hometown. “I’m a proud Mancunian, 100 per cent,” he said. “It always feels good to be in my hometown. It might be a bit selfish of me to say, but I also really like it when everyone from London has to come up north for a change!”

While he grew up with the sounds of R&B, grime and his idol 50 Cent rather than the old Manchester scene, he admits that the influence is still there: “But I feel like because I’m fully in the industry now, I’m learning a lot more about that history. And certain things go without saying – all those indie bands, and my parents were big Stone Roses and Oasis fans”.

Meanwhile, Aitch recently said that he would pay Liam Gallagher £7million to feature on his album.