Big Sean gets put on trial for cheating in his ‘Single Again’ video

The song features his ex, Jhené Aiko

Last week, Big Sean dropped another new track, ‘Single Again’, and yesterday night (July 29), he released its music video.

The video was directed by Lawrence Lamont and shot in Sean’s hometown of Detroit. It centres on the rapper literally being put on trial for infidelity. “While there’s been no clear evidence, many people here and across the nation already think he’s guilty, solely based on social media,” says a reporter, as fans protest with placards in the background. A couple, played by Ryan Destiny and Keith Powers, ponder their own rocky relationship as they observe the media circus. Watch it here:


The video’s concept comes from Sean’s own lived experience. “I know what it’s like to be in social scandals where even with no information/evidence, just people assuming will blame you and turn on you,” he wrote on Twitter. “It’s something that’s been happening to black men especially forever, and I wanted to touch on that,” he added, “n show how social media has the power to sway people’s opinion to the point of hatred.”

‘Single Again’ features two guest vocalists: Ty Dolla $ign, and Sean’s own ex-girlfriend Jhené Aiko. Aiko’s appearance on the track, on which Sean raps about independence and self-love, has sent fans buzzing. Sean recently gave Aiko a shoutout on Twitter, telling her “I love you unconditionally.”

This is Sean’s second single in the last week. On Wednesday (July 24), he released ‘Overtime’, his first new song in two years. In 2017, he released a solo album, ‘I Decided.’, and a joint record with Metro Boomin, ‘Double Or Nothing’.

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