Calvin Harris shares ‘making of’ video for Frank Ocean and Migos collab track ‘Slide’

The video also gives a glimpse into Ocean's ad-libs.

Calvin Harris has given fans a behind-the-scenes look at this latest collaboration with Frank Ocean and Migos.

Harris originally shared the single last month. Ocean sings the track’s first verse, choruses and outro, while Migos’ Quavo and Offset deliver the second and third verses respectively.

Now in a new video posted to Twitter, Harris breaks down the beat of the song. The video shows how each element of the song was created and you can watch it below.


The song’s full credits included a list of every single instrument that was used on the track. Each instrument was performed by Harris.

The Scottish DJ-producer teased the collaboration before its release on Snapchat. He then took to Twitter to reveal that the song will be called ‘Slide’.

‘Slide’ is rare collaboration from Ocean. It’s also his first piece of new music since last year’s albums ‘Blonde’ and ‘Endless’.

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Harris had previously been pictured heading to the studio with Ocean last summer.


Recently, Harris took to Twitter to announced that he has “more joyful music” coming in 2017, adding that he feels like “it’s missing from the world. And it was missing from my life. So I created it!”

Harris added: “I worked with the greatest artists of our generation !!! I’m in the mixing stage now. I listen back and can’t believe what we created… In 2017 I’m making music to make your soul happy !!!! Not feel good music. Feel INCREDIBLE music”.