A sold-out Radio City Music Hall crowd hears several new songs - in between Chris Martin's contented ramblings...

COLDPLAY wrapped their encore US tour with a sold-out show at the majestic RADIO CITY MUSIC HALL in NEW YORK last night (June 28), and aired several of their new songs.

“This is the biggest thing we ever did, so thanks for being a part of it,” singer Chris Martin told the audience early in the hour-and-a-half performance. “Normally when we come to New York we feel like shit, but tonight we feel in fine form.”

The show was Coldplay‘s third stop in New York in just four months, after an aborted February gig and a make-up date in April. Each time the band played a significantly larger venue.


“This is kind of our new direction,” Martin announced as they previewed several new songs, including ‘God Put a Smile Upon Your Face’ , which had previously been aired in the UK. “The whole of our next record is going to be a big, fat rock album, we think.” He called

‘Idiot’ “the heaviest song we’ve ever done. We’re particularly fond of it.”

The jubilant vocalist jumped around stage throughout the night, not returning to the microphone in time to start a verse of ‘Yellow’. Later he ran through the middle of the audience with his guitar.

“We played some odd places since we’ve been around. We played an opera house. And this has got to be the only place that can beat that place for this song,” said Martin said, dedicating ‘Everything’s Not Lost’ to “all the Elton John fans.”

One line into ‘Trouble’, Martin suddenly stopped playing, distracted by an audience member. “I don’t know what your name is, sunshine, but you threw the whole concert,” he scolded.

“We have one more song and then we’re going to leave America, which is sad for us,” he said at the end of the night, calling the US dates “the best tour we’ve ever done”. He added: “We kept getting better and better, and I know we’re gonna come back with a better record.”


The band closed with “a tribute to American songwriters,” a cover of the

Hank Williams country-western classic ‘Lost Highway’.


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