Dave Grohl explains recent Foo Fighters cancelled shows and why they’re not going to break up anytime soon

The band pulled out of two gigs in New Orleans due to a "band member injury"

Dave Grohl has explained why Foo Fighters cancelled two shows that were scheduled to take place this week and spoken on why the band are unlikely to break up.

The group were due to perform at the grand opening of The Fillmore venue in New Orleans on Friday (February 15) and Saturday (16), but pulled out earlier this month because of “a band member injury.”

Speaking to Live Nation president and CEO Michael Rapino at Los Angeles’ Pollstar Live conference, Grohl revealed he had had to have an operation on his arm. “This is something I’ve had to deal with for a long time and it’s not the end of the world, but I did have to have surgery on my arm because I need it to pay the rent,” he said. “I knew I had to fix my arm at some point and I went ahead and did it.”

He said having surgery had given him the opportunity to get some rest. “Right before they wheeled me in [for surgery] the guys said, ‘Hey, we’re going to give you something that’s going to make you feel really good’ and I thought I finally get to take a nap.”

The frontman also discussed his feelings towards touring, saying it’s “only work if you don’t want to do it.” “I’ve never said, ‘Ugh, I have to go on stage and drink whisky and have 30,000 people sing my songs.’ It’s pretty fucking cool.”

He added that, while in the band’s early days, they thought they would stop playing together after “one more” record, they now see no reason to call it a day. “It gets to the point to where I refer to it like imagine your grandparents getting a divorce,” Grohl said. “I’m sure it happens sometimes, but why? You can’t break up. Who even cares any more? Just go play shows.”

Meanwhile, Grohl has compared rising star Billie Eilish to his former band, Nirvana. He added that she proved to him that rock has a future. “People say, ‘Is rock dead?’” he said. “When I look at someone like Billie Eilish, rock and roll is not close to dead!”