Elton John compares Miley Cyrus to Frank Zappa

Star also speaks of his admiration for James Blake, John Grant and Young Thug

Elton John has compared Miley Cyrus to Frank Zappa in a new interview.

The veteran performer was recently speaking to Noisey when he spoke of his admiration for controversial pop star Cyrus.

“I mean who would have thought that she’d do a record with The Flaming Lips?,” John said. “I love that kind of thing. That on the spur of the moment, out of leftfield stuff like that. And they’re gonna perform the whole album nude. I’m booking my ticket now. It’s like ‘I wanna see this, this is interesting’.”


John continued: “It’s fucking brilliant. It feels like something that would have happened during the ’60s, something someone like Frank Zappa would have done. Good for Miley. Break the mould, girl.”


Elsewhere in the interview, John praised Kanye West (describing his production style as “like modern jazz”), as well as name-checking James Blake, John Grant and Young Thug.

Speaking about rapper Young Thug, John said: “I love that record! I actually asked [Universal Music CEO] David Joseph about it. I heard a track on Beats 1 and I loved it so much… I love all of that, it’s unexpected. I remember when ‘Blind Faith’ came out, with a nude girl and John [Lennon] & Yoko [Ono], you had to buy it in a black plastic bag. And you should be able to do things like that but we don’t live in that kind of world anymore.”

Read the full Noisey interview here.