Proof’s killer guilty of gun charges

But Mario Etheridge could escape jail time

The man who is alleged to have shot and killed D12 rapper Proof has been found guilty of two weapons charges.

Mario Etheridge could face the prospect of nine years in jail after being convicted of carrying a concealed weapon and unlawfully firing a gun, reports the Detroit Free Press.

The 28-year-old bouncer is alleged to have gunned down Proof after the rapper shot and fatally wounded his cousin Keith Bender Jr. on April 11 at the C.C.C. Club on 8 Mile.

The court heard that Etheridge was involved in two shooting incidents at the club, the first of which saw him fire two shots into the ceiling to stop a fistfight between Proof and Bender. Those shots formed the basis of his charge of unlawfully firing a gun.

In the second incident, it is alleged that he fatally shot Proof, but prosecutors deemed that shooting to be in self-defence and never charged Etheridge with murder.

Despite the prospect of a jail sentence, Wayne County Assistant Prosecutor Elizabeth Walker told the court that Etheridge may only be sentenced to probation because he has no prior criminal convictions.

Etheridge is due to be sentenced on October 17.