The star allegedly took illegal drugs onstage in Manchester last night...

EMINEM will not face arrest today (February 9) after allegedly taking illegal drugs onstage in MANCHESTER last night (February 8) and his show tonight in LONDON will go ahead, NME.COM has learned.

It had been reported elsewhere in the UK press and on various websites that the star, real name Marshall Mathers, was under investigation under the Misuse of Drugs Act and may have been arrested and prevented from performing at the London Docklands Arena later.

However, Chief Inspector Steve White of the British Transport police, in charge of security arrangements last night, told NME.COM that this would not happen today.


“I thought it prudent to seize the video tape, that the Arena always films of every performance, in order to see if any offences had in fact occurred that might be in breach of the Misuse Of Drugs Act.

“We will review the tape and meet on Monday (February 12) to decide if any action will be taken.”

Chief Inspector White also said that, far from inciting the crowd, Eminem simply put on a much-enjoyed show.

“We had no complaints from anyone at the Arena,” he said. “Outside several young people came up to me wanting to give their views. The felt the media hype had misrepresented what was going on. They felt insulted that there was a belief that just because they had watched a show that portrayed certain things they were going to go out and repeat the acts.”

He added that, aside from several arrests outside, which were normal for an event of this size, the whole event had passed off peacefully.


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