Fall Out Boy fans convinced band are going to tour with Bring Me The Horizon

It comes after Fall Out Boy's cryptic tweet earlier this evening

Fall Out Boy fans are convinced that the band are going on tour with Bring Me The Horizon.

It comes after Fall Out Boy tweeted a cryptic tweet in which the band posted a picture of an umbrella, which fans think is a reference to Bring Me The Horizon’s album, ‘That’s The Spirit’.

The accompanying, mysterious tweet also mentioned “horizon”. It read: “Things are looking overcast on the horizon. Check back tomorrow to see if weather conditions improve.”


You can see the tweet here:

Fans on social media were quick to respond to the tweet, with many convinced that news of a joint tour with the two bands could be announced tomorrow (January 31).

“I cannot believe Fall Out Boy is touring with Bring Me The Horizon in the year 2023,” one fan wrote while another wrote: “I swear if BMTH is the opener I will literally cry.”

You can see some more of the reaction here:


The news comes after Fall Out Boy began sending seashells to fans as part of their new album teaser campaign, including to Bring Me The Horizon’s Oli Sykes earlier this month.

The band have recently been ramping up their cryptic campaign with newspaper advertspostcards and claymation videos.

In the stunt, the pop-punk group delivered seashells to fans’ homes, with Sykes sharing a photo of the one he received on his Instagram story. “Wtf what is this & why is it at my house,” he asked in the caption.

The photo showed a pink and white shell with “1 of 13” written in its middle. It was accompanied by a letter written on headed paper that read “A Homeboy’s Life” and bore the message: “Love from the otherwise.”

At the bottom of the note, which was dated January 19, 2023, it listed the initials of the four Fall Out Boy members alongside the band name.

Last week (January 25), Fall Out Boy also shared a new track called ‘Heartbreak Feels So Good’.

The song will appear on the Chicago band’s eighth studio album ‘So Much (For) Stardust’, which is due to arrive on March 24 (pre-order/pre-save here).

Following on from lead single ‘Love From The Other Side’, Fall Out Boy’s upbeat latest offering sees frontman Patrick Stump sing: “We could cry a little/ Cry a lot/ But don’t stop dancing/ Don’t dare stop.

We’ll cry later or cry now/ You know it’s heartbreak/ We could dance our tears away/ Emancipate ourselves/ We’ll cry later or cry now but baby/ Heartbreak feels so good.”

The single arrives with a Whitey McConnaughy-directed video for which FOB “decided to film a prank” that “did not go go as planned”. In the clip, we see the band attempt to stage a kidnap of Weezer frontman Rivers Cuomo.

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