Gerard Way to release new graphic novel series through DC Comics

Former My Chemical Romance frontman claims 'Young Animal' will allow him to explore 'strangeness with lots of heart'

Gerard Way has signed a deal with DC Comics for a new graphic novel series.

The former My Chemical Romance announced the new imprint entitled Young Animal at Emerald City Comic Con in Seattle yesterday (April 7).

The imprint’s flagship title will be a revival of Way’s Doom Patrol series, which will be scripted by the singer and feature art by Nick Derington.


Other titles include Shade The Changing Girl (by writer Cecil Castellucci and artist Marley Zarcone), Cave Carson Has A Cybernetic Eye (Jon Rivera and Michael Avon Oeming), and Mother Panic (Jody Houser and Tommy Lee Edwards). Way will be co-writing each title with a respective writer, reports


“I see Young Animal as a place to try new ideas – following the spirit of those books from the past but bring them somewhere else.” Way explained. “I see it as an imprint where we can explore fine art, bold concepts, mature themes, and strangeness – with lots of heart.”

Way first became involved in graphic novels with the launch of The Umbrella Academy in 2006. He also penned the artwork for a number of My Chemical Romance albums including 2004’s ‘Three Cheers For Sweet Revenge’.

Way recently marked the marked the anniversary of My Chemical Romance’s break up on Twitter.

The New Jersey rock band announced their split three years ago on March 22, 2013. 

The former frontman commented on the occasion, saying that it feels like decade since the group decided to go their separate ways. He added that he is “in a much better place” now.