Go on the road with Travis in video for new single ‘Kissing In The Wind’

It's their first new music since 2016

Travis have capped off a year of 20th anniversary celebrations of their breakthrough album by sharing the video for their new single ‘Kissing In The Wind’. Check it out on NME first below.

This year saw the band tour to mark the release of their classic album ‘The Man Who’ along with their 1999 Glastonbury set arriving on vinyl. Now, with their first new material since 2016, new track ‘Kissing In The Wind’ comes with footage taken from their recent critically acclaimed documentary, Almost Fashionable – A Film About Travis.

“Kissing in the Wind features in the documentary I made about the band where I invited a journalist who didn’t like Travis to cover our last tour in Mexico,” frontman Fran Healy told NME. “It won the audience award at the Edinburgh International Film Festival last year. The video is taken from the montage in the documentary we cut to the song.


“I shot some performance of us a couple of weeks ago and cut it in so you can gasp in awe at how none of us have aged the slightest in 20 years!”

Speaking to NME at Glastonbury back in June, the band said that they were progressing well with their new album – their first since 2016’s ‘Everything At Once’.

“I’ve been writing more on a piano than I’ve ever done,” Healy told NME. “I don’t know how to play the piano – but I’ve got one and had it for years and years. I’m getting a wee bit better. It sounds good. I didn’t listen to anything I’d written for a month, and I came to back it recently and said, ‘It’s not shit’. You can only say, ‘It’s not shit’. You can’t say if it’s great or good or any of those shades of mud.”

Bassist Dougie Payne added: “It’s got something to it that draws you back to it, time and time again. There’s something there to be expanded upon. There will be a little kernel of beauty, sounded by shit!”