Green Day: ‘It’s awesome that Lady Gaga used to be obsessed with ‘Dookie”

Billie Joe Armstrong also praises Kings Of Leon

Green Day have responded to Lady Gaga‘s claims she was so obsessed with their 1994 album ‘Dookie’ that she wanted to lick the album’s artwork.

In a video interview for MTV – which you can watch by scrolling down now – the band’s Billie Joe Armstrong called Gaga‘s admission “bizarre”, though he later expressed his approval.

“She’s a good artist. She’s a risk-taker,” he said of her obsession. “She’s an original. It’s pretty awesome.”


Drummer Tre Cool was more surprised by Lady Gaga‘s claims, explaining: “Usually when you hear the pages [have] been stuck together it’s from some other bodily fluid.”

The band also praised Kings Of Leon in the video interview, stating that they’ve been following the Followill‘s career closely.

Watch the video below: