Grimes claims “A.I is the fastest path to communism” in bizarre new video

The singer put forward the bizarre proposition in a new TikTok video

Grimes has sparked confusion among fans after she bizarrely claimed artificial intelligence was the fastest path to communism.

The singer, real name Claire Boucher, shared her complex thoughts in a new video posted on TikTok.

Positioned in front of a scene from Japanese comic Berserk, she said: “I have a proposition for the communists. So, typically most of the communisms I know are not big fans of A.I. But, if you think about it, A.I is actually the fastest path to communism.”


She went on to discuss how society could move to a place where no one is required to work.

“A.I could automate all the farming, weed out systematic corruption, thereby bringing us as close as possible to genuine equality,” she said.

“So basically, everything everybody loves about communism but without the collective farm ’cause, let’s be real, enforced farming is really not a vibe.”

Responding to the clip, one user wrote: “Woke up this morning to grimes talking about communism on tiktok. back to bed.”

Another said: “Why is GRIMES of all people talking about communism on tik tok in front of a beserk manga panel.”


Others were also conflicted by the speech because of the singer’s relationship with Tesla CEO Elon Musk, the father of her child, who also happens to be the world’s second richest man.

“Just to be clear here the girlfriend of a billionaire who is currently vying for the most wealth ever amassed in history is arguing that AI will somehow bring us Communism, thereby forcing her bf to share his wealth with the rest of us? Like, couldn’t he just do that whenever,” one user shared.

Another reasoned: “Grimes making tiktoks about communism while married to elon musk… i cannot.”

Grimes has dated Elon Musk since 2018, with the pair welcoming their son, who is called X X Æ A-12, in 2020.

While the name left many confused, Musk later revealed his name is pronounced “X Ash A-12.”

Meanwhile, earlier this week Grimes teased a new collaboration with DJ Chris Lake.

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