Guns N’ Roses hint that a new album may be on the way “faster than you think”

The band tease that a new album will be with us soon

A new Guns N’ Roses album may be on the way soon, according to guitarist Richard Fortus.

During the band’s recent concert in Hawaii on December 8, singer Axl Rose first hinted that a new album may be on the way when he said: “We can’t do what’s next until we finish this, right? Now that all that’s done, we can get on with things.”

Now, in a new interview with radio station KSHE, Fortus has confirmed that the band are working on a new album.


Fortus said: “We are going to try to do another record and get it out soon,” and told the station host, “I think it will happen faster than you think.”

When asked if fans could expect to hear a new song in 2019, Fortus elaborated further: “It could definitely happen…there might be stuff started.” You can listen to the interview below:

Fortus went on to say that the band won’t be touring for some time now their most recent tour has come to a conclusion although he added it “depend[s] on whether or not we have a new record out. If we have something out, then we could tour.”

He also said that he thought “Axl’s got a lot to write about” when asked what the theme of the album might be.

Guitarist Slash said back in September that the band are working on a new album, saying that Rose had “a ton” of songs ready. The guitarist had also recently been inspired to start writing for Guns N’ Roses again.


Recently, Slash also opened up about the state of guitar music, saying that thanks to a new breed of bands, rock is “turning over a new leaf.”

Speaking with Billboard Radio China, the Guns n’ Roses member was asked if he thinks rock is a bit of a “hiding period” after genres like hip-hop, rap, and R&B took over as some of the world’s favourite genres.

“But [rock] seems to be turning over a new leaf right now,” Slash explained. “So I’m really interested to see where it goes over the next few years, ’cause there’s a lot of really hungry young rock and roll bands getting together right now that I’m aware of.”

Greta Van Fleet

He also went on to praise Greta Van Fleet saying that the band “have done amazingly well and made everybody perk up and go, ‘Oh, wow!’ Now there’s people out there looking for young, teenage rock and roll bands to sign.”

He continued: “So it’s interesting. If you watch everything as it develops in real time, it’s really, really boring and shit takes what seems like forever. But if you’re not paying attention, all of sudden, you’ll turn around and go, ‘Oh my God! Something just changed.’ And it’s just a constant state of ebbs and flows of rock and roll in this business.”