Guns N’ Roses return with new song ‘Hard Skool’

The track is lifted from the sessions for 2008's 'Chinese Democracy'

After teasing the song for the past few weeks, Guns N’ Roses have returned with new song ‘Hard Skool’ – check it out below.

The track, which is the band’s second of 2021, was originally recorded during the sessions for the band’s notorious 2008 album ‘Chinese Democracy’.

Ahead of the release of the song, guitarist Slash posted a video of himself rehearsing the new song at a soundcheck in Chicago.


Listen to ‘Hard Skool’ below:

Rumours of the new song’s imminent release began to circulate last week, after a fan was reportedly told about it by frontman Axl Rose when the pair met backstage at a recent show in Atlantic City.

Initially minted with the working title ‘Jackie Chan’, the track was recorded during sessions for Guns N’ Roses’ notorious 2008 album ‘Chinese Democracy’, but never made the album. Short clips of the song have since been posted online, and a full version leaked in 2019.

‘Hard Skool’ is the band’s second track of 2021, following the single ‘Absurd’ in August. The band debuted ‘Absurd’ – a reworking of another ‘Chinese Democracy’ outtake called ‘Silkworms’ – during a show in Boston that took place a few days before it was officially released.


In other Guns N’ Roses news, the band recently celebrated a new milestone for their 1998 classic ‘Sweet Child O’ Mine’, with the track surpassing a billion streams on Spotify last month. In July, they launched an official range of bongs and smoking accessories.

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