Ice Cube vows to continue performing ‘Fuck Tha Police’ despite US police killings

Former NWA rapper explains: ‘I ain’t doing nothin’ wrong’

Former NWA rapper Ice Cube has vowed to continue performing ‘Fuck Tha Police’, despite the recent spate of police killings in the US.

Five police officers were killed in Dallas on July 7 and a further three officers were shot dead in Louisiana on July 18.

NWA released ‘Fuck Tha Police’ in 1988, and the surviving members reunited to play Coachella festival in May.


Asked by TMZ if he felt under pressure to stop playing the song in the wake of the deaths of eight police officers, Ice Cube responded: “Pressure me? Pressure me to do what? Nobody’s said nothing to me. I ain’t gonna change noting I do, because I ain’t doing nothing wrong.”

Ice Cube is next due to play live on July 30 at Hard Music Festival in Los Angeles, with seven other US shows scheduled before his final gig in San Francisco on October 16. He hasn’t released a full album since ‘I Am The West’ in 2010.

As depicted in NWA biopic Straight Outta Compton, NWA’s performance of ‘Fuck Tha Police’ in 1989 caused a mini-riot in Detroit, after the band had been banned from performing the song by local police.


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