Johnny Marr tells us the next supergroup he’d like to form

This would be cool.

Johnny Marr has said that he thinks he will reunite with former Electronic bandmember Bernard Sumner to make more music – as well as revealing that he’d like to rope in the other members of New Order as well.

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It’s been a busy few weeks of collaborations for the former Smiths turned solo star. This weekend, he joined The Killers on stage at Glastonbury, while last month saw him bring New Order frontman Bernard Sumner on stage to perform their 1991 Electronic hit ‘Get The Message’ at a festival in Athens.

Speaking to NME at Glasto about the chances of Electronic returning to make any more music together, Marr revealed that he’d like to go a little bit further than that.

“I think me and Bernard will probably do something again in the future, Maybe I’d like to rope Stephen Morris in at some point. Stephen’s always been one of my favourite musicians – not just because he’s from Manchester, but no one’s ever managed to play like him, before or since. Also, I really rate Gillian too,” he said, before joking: “So maybe I’ll just join New Order… on bass.”

Johnny Marr
Johnny Marr

Sumner and Marr formed the highly influential synth-pop duo Electronic in 1988, and made three acclaimed albums – with their last ‘Twisted Tenderness’ released in 1999. Over the years, Marr has also played with The Cribs, Modest Mouse, The Pretenders and The The.

Speaking to NME about how he mixes up his setlist, Marr said: “I think I play quite a lot of Smiths’ songs. I play enough. If I were to play any more than I play now then it would tip the balance over. For me, a set is a little bit like a movie where you get all your scenes in place. Eventually you get them in the right order as what you want to be as perfect. Sometimes if you play around too much, as much as I like it, you just change the dynamic.

“The dynamic is right. Adding another Electronic song was the most exciting thing for me to be honest.”

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Marr’s festival tour this summer in support of 2018 album ‘Call The Comet‘ includes appearances at Truck, Tramlines, Mad Cool, INMusic and many more as well as headline sideshows in Norwich, Hull and Middlesborough.