Joni Mitchell ‘happy to be home’ and ‘making remarkable progress’ following aneurysm

The singer's attorney Rebecca J Thyne has provided an update on her health

Joni Mitchell‘s attorney has offered an update on the singer’s recent ill-health, stating that she “has made remarkable progress”.

Mitchell was hospitalised in Los Angeles on March 31, after being found unconscious at her home.

Mitchell suffered a brain aneurysm, with a recent statement from Mitchell’s conservator, Leslie Morris, revealing that the musician is “undergoing daily therapies” at home after being released from hospital.

Mitchell’s attorney Rebecca J Thyne has now described visiting the singer at her home on June 26, telling People: “When I arrived she was seated at her kitchen table feeding herself lunch”.

Thyne continued: “She also told me that she receives excellent care from caregivers round-the-clock. It was clear that she was happy to be home and that she has made remarkable progress. She has physical therapy each day and is expected to make a full recovery.”


Meanwhile, folk singer David Crosby had previously raised concern about Mitchell’s health, telling the Huffington Post: “Nobody found [Mitchell] for a while. She took a terrible hit. To my knowledge she is not speaking yet… She’s going to have to struggle back from it the way you struggle back from a traumatic brain injury… She’s a tough girl, and very smart. So, how much she’s going to come back and when, I don’t know and I’m not going to guess.”

“I love her,” he continued. “She’s probably the best of us – probably the greatest living singer-songwriter.”