K.Flay drops subtle rock banger in new single ‘Nothing Can Kill Us’

The emotive first cut from forthcoming EP, 'Outside Voices'

K.Flay – the stage name of Kristine Flaherty – has released an emotive new alt-rock single, ‘Nothing Can Kill Us’.

The first taste of her forthcoming EP ‘Outside Voices’, the new single dropped on October 15, with Flaherty saying the song was “about losing someone”.

“It’s about reflecting back on a relationship and the feeling of invincibility you have while you’re in it – this will last forever!!” Flaherty said in a press release. “But also embracing the immortality of your memories, and of someone’s impact on you.


“A relationship might end or change, and it might hurt a lot, but nothing can destroy what it meant. Nothing can ever kill that.”

A chameleon of rock ‘n’ roll, Flaherty’s new track breaks open with a subtle acoustic riff, working up to an eclectic blend of synthesised beats and magical effects, the singer demonstrating versatility in her unique vocals.

Listen to ‘Nothing Can Kill Us’ below:

‘Outside Voices’ is marked for release on November 19 via BMG. It follows the release of another EP, ‘Inside Voices’ which dropped earlier this year. The artist’s sixth EP, ‘Inside Voices’ featured collaborations with the likes of Travis Barker and Tom Morello.


After the release of ‘Inside Voices’ – arriving less than two years after her third studio album, ‘Solutions’ – Flaherty spoke to NME about the shift in her sound and how she coped living in Trump’s America. “I wanted to try and find optimism and hope,” she said. “I really did want to create this sonic world that felt uplifting.”

The Los Angeles musician further explained that ‘Inside Voices’ was intended to turn female vulnerability into anger, joining ’90s alt-rock and pop punk to achieve this. “Half the battle in life is just giving yourself the license to do anything,” said Flaherty.

“I wanted to see if I could be vulnerable and confrontational at the same time.”

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