Kanye v Khan: Kanye sample was “stupid and insulting” says Chaka Khan

Funk great Chaka takes her time starting a beef

Funk great Chaka Khan has called Kanye West “stupid and insulting” over his sample of her music.

Khan’s 1985 hit ‘Through The Fire’ was sampled on West’s breakthrough 2003 smash ‘Through The Wire’.

She had previously stayed silent over the sample but has now gone on the attack. Speaking on US chatshow Watch What Happens Live With Andy Cohen, Khan recalled how she gave West permission to sample ‘Through The Fire’ after he personally called her to say how much her music meant to him.


West was famously in hospital when he recorded ‘Through The Wire’, rapping with his jaw wired shut after he was involved in a serious car crash.

Khan said she was moved by West calling her from his hospital bed but she said she changed her mind after hearing the finished song, which features her voice being pitchshifted.


“I was pissed,” Khan told Cohen. “It was a little insulting. No, it wasn’t insulting – I thought it was stupid. If I’d known he was going to do that, I’d have said, ‘Hell, no!'”

Khan added that she hadn’t contacted West to tell him how she felt, saying: “The best thing I could give him was silence.” Asked if she’d at least earned royalties from the sample, Khan said: “Yes.”


Earlier this month, a new West song ‘Brothers’ was briefly heard in the trailer for drama series Tales. The show is produced by West’s producer Irv “Gotti” Lorenzo, with the series premiering on July 2.

It’s not clear if ‘Brothers’ will feature on West’s new album ‘Yandhi’. The album has been delayed several times since it was first announced last year.