Kanye West spotted in London – but has he broken quarantine rules?

He's definitely in his zone. Or is he?

Kanye West was pictured in London on Saturday (October 10) alongside his seven-year-old daughter North, prompting fans to question whether the international visit breached quarantine rules.

The ‘Jesus Is King’ rapper, who is still running for president in next month’s US election, appears to have flown to the UK with North while his wife Kim Kardashian has stayed in the US.

All arrivals from the US are required to complete a two week quarantine upon arrival in measures introduced to curb the spread of the virus. Anyone who contravenes the measures can potentially face a fine of up to £1,000.


Several social media users suggested that West seems to have ignored quarantine guidelines to attend a Bottega Veneta fashion show on Friday night (October 9), prompting outrage from some commenters.


According to government guidelines, certain jobs qualify for exemptions from self-isolation following international travel for work.

Among the list of exceptions, West could claim he qualifies as a “representative of a foreign country” as an active US presidential candidate – and his and North’s Friday night outing in ‘VOTE KANYE’ hoodies could be interpreted as him being on the campaign trail.

The rapper took on some more light promotional duties earlier this week, sharing a video of himself holding a ‘VOTE KANYE’ hat over Kamala Harris’ head during Wednesday night’s vice presidential debate (October 7).

The hat is from a new line of merchandise that West has launched in support of his unlikely bid for the White House, which you can view here. The hat in question is being sold for $40 (£30.96).