LCD Soundsystem update fans on future, promise “maybe just singles for a while”

"I can work on new music and we can all be human beings"

LCD Soundsystem‘s James Murphy has posted a lengthy update to fans, going into depth on the thinking behind a forthcoming series of mini-residencies to mark their 20th anniversary.

Last month the group announced that they will play four nights in a row at Philadelphia’s Franklin Music Hall from March 28-31, and four nights at Boston’s Roadrunner from April 3-6.

They have also announced plans for four shows at the O2 Academy in Brixton, on June 29 and from July 1-3. They follow a similar residency-style run of 17 shows at at New York City’s Brooklyn Steel last year.


In a social media statement outlining the plans, Murphy expressed his difficulties balancing traditional touring schedules and the recording process. “You invest so much time, energy, and cost into ‘getting ready’ [for a tour] that you wind up touring for ages just to make it worthwhile… then you need a big break again. then you are reluctant to start all over again. it’s a cycle.”

Reflecting on their decision to switch to a long-term residency for their Brooklyn Steel shows, he continued: “We really wanted to stop living like that, so we talked about just playing some shows in new york, since most of us live here, and not making it too big of a deal.

it’s time for an update, apparently. management are asking. i largely consider playing shows/releasing music to be the…

Posted by LCD Soundsystem on Monday, March 7, 2022

“like, just playing because we like it, and because we like one another. just be a new york band for a bit. and maybe we’ll do something like that every year. just stay in shape, if that makes sense. and just make records along the way. maybe just singles for a while, so there isn’t some ‘album panic’ etc.

“It was great to play those shows, and we’re looking forward to the rest of the shows we’re playing this year. it’s not overwhelming, so i can work on new music and we can all be human beings. maybe we’ll just play other places next year, moving around to cities we like to play, where we’re wanted, etc.”

Murphy also recalled the band’s recent appearance on Saturday Night Live, which saw them perform ‘Yr City’s A Sucker’ and ‘Thrills’, and also appear in a sketch as ‘guardian angels’.


LCD Soundsystem
James Murphy of LCD Soundsystem. CREDIT: Xavi Torrent/WireImage

“A lot of us really grew up on that show. we had nothing new to promote, but they were totally open to us playing whatever we wanted, and we could basically just take a cab over, so it was obvious for us to do it. it was incredibly fun. who wouldn’t want to do that?” Murphy said.

The post also touched on the 20th anniversary of the band’s label DFA Records, and LCD Soundystem’s debut single ‘Losing My Edge’. “we’re trying to have some good DFA get-downs in a few places. come see us!” Murphy said.

He also confirmed that three of their Brooklyn Steel shows, which were cancelled due to a spike in coronavirus cases in December, will not be rescheduled. “We just gave everyone their money back, because i hate the idea of holding people’s money for some, abstract ‘future’ show,” Murphy said. Ticket-holders for those shows have been promised priority access for future LCD Soundsystem gigs.

Earlier this week the band teased their London shows with logos of the band’s record label, DFA Records appearing across London along with slogans reading “you are here”.

It was the same image (and accompanying phrase) that was used to provide hints about last year’s New York shows. The Brooklyn residency news arrived only months after Murphy said that LCD were “on a full hiatus”.

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